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Image by Jessy Paston

Somatic Release

The brain and body can store lifetimes of stuck emotions, thought patterns and limiting beliefs.

Most of the time these subconscious thoughts, feelings and emotions dictate how we think and how we act, shaping our reality, our relationships and limiting what we believe is possible. During your somatic release session we use a gentle touch therapy called 'Access Bars' that follows a series of 32 points on the head to release tension in the body and discharge electrical signals that are stored in the brain as subconscious beliefs.

32 points of light touch on the head.

There are 32 points in Access Bars, each of which is linked to a different aspect of life. These aspects range from healing, awareness and creativity to sex, power and money. The practice of having this therapy done is known as ‘running your bars’ and has been likened to deleting files from a computer – the brain. It is based on the idea that the touching of these points can help to ‘release the electromagnetic charge’, clear the negative energy underlying the limiting ideas and attitudes and therefore allow change to occur. Running your Bars creates deep relaxation in the body and clarity in the mind. It opens up space to navigate through life with a deeper sense of peace and presence, and a greater awareness of what is truly possible.

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What are the benefits of Access Bars?

Everyone experiences Access Bars in their own way, and each session can feel different from the last. Here are some of the common benefits that many people report after having their Bars run.

What to expect during your session.

Each session lasts for an hour with 5-10 minutes either side to allow time to arrive and time to integrate.

Once you're on the table and comfortable, we begin to do some short energy clearing techniques by pulling energy from the bottom of the feet, through the body and out of the top of your head and vice versa. Then from the palms along the arms, shoulders and out of the top of the head. Once the energy is flowing we begin to work our way through each of the points starting with money, control and creativity.

Lots of people find themselves falling asleep for some or most of the session, while other's may find their mind becomes more active and feel talkative. There is no right or wrong when is comes to having your bars run, you can be as quite or talkative as you feel, the main thing is to remember to allow the body to receive and let whatever process, insights or sensations to be without judgement.

For some people the benefits can be felt straight away, ranging from subtle changes in body sensations and differences in mental activity, to deep meditative states, insights and far more ease and lightness in the body where there may have once been discomfort. For others, it may be less noticeable at first, and can sometimes take a few days or weeks before things start to shift - change which can happen in any area of life.

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